I've got a question. Is there any easier way to perform basic regression testing (data validation, content testing, etc) on a .net web page? Using Robot?

It takes a bit of time to capture an Object Property VP, then to figure out what is really needed in the VP is more time. All that is really needed is link status, images, data changes, etc. Robot seems to be almost overkill for testing, at least the app I'm testing. The app is using .net technology on IE6.

I just checked out e-Tester and I've got to say, it sure seemed smooth, easy, comprehensive, and fast. Did I mention fast?!? :-) I recorded a basic script in about 2 minutes where the same script in Robot took me about 15 minutes.

I've been an 'active reader' of this board over the years, but not much of a poster. That's poster, not poser....

I could sure use any information anybody has to offer.

Thanks very much!