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Thanks to all who helped out here. Now I have some ammo for the boss.

I have found that although Rational do provide minimum specs for client
machines, I haven't been able to pin down the same details for a server. I
know we really need a new server - the time I have wasted lately around
here would've paid for a new one already. Thing is, my salary is (still
luckily) in "the budget", whereas the cost of a new server apparently

I'll keep chipping away. I just hope they don't take the cost of a new
server out of my pay packet.

BTW I restarted and left the RA process running just to see how long it
WOULD take. The project's replication has now been running 48 hours and is
60% complete. I have been running this on a "test" project datastore so as
to not impact our production projects. Looks like I'll end up replicating
our (currently) five projects manually at this stage. Keeps me off the
streets, and away from my "real" job (which I like to think is testing our


PS. This response is delayed as I was off work yesterday because my partner
tripped on a speed-hump on Wed night, face planted into the bitumen, broke
her nose, front tooth and wrist, getting out of emergency at 1.30 am. :-(
Had to drive her around to the various body repair shops yesterday. :-)