User Hemant Kumar Gothwal ( posted:

Hi All
I need some help on Tree view control handling in Robot. I have searched
the archive and didn't find any suitable answer, so please tell me if you
have answer or I have missed it on archive.

The problem is that I want to traverse a tree view, which is created in
VC++ application. The tree view has got many child and parent items. I
want to run a loop in which every tree item is right clicked and on
context menu select something. Here the main hurdle is that I don't know
before hand what the Item's text will be. In help of SQA/Robot I found
that the traverse is possible with ItemIndex, but no example is given
there. So can please drop me an example in which items in a tree view are
clicked by there index in the tree rather then the name/text/caption.

Thanks in advance!