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Unthinkable till now,
Mark uncovers the future of software testing--
"Rational is moving in new directions
and we bake a mean ratatooie,"
declares Chief Chef Mike White Hat.

Enter now and visit the Technology Leader.

You'll smell things never smelled before.

Designed to poach the competition--
at home on the desktop,
or your kitchen countertop--
it's the new Rational ATBU-Steamer®!

According to director Sam Gulliver,
"There's always been gaps in our software
test coverage. No one, not us, not them,
could guarantee bug-free software.
Until now."

Doffing his chef's white cuisinier jacket, Sam grins.
"This baby REALLY gets hot, and that's crucial.
We're the first to bring the power of auto-claving
to software. No matter how crappy the code,
bugs don't stand a chance.
None of them get out alive,
at Fahrenheit 455."

Best of all, the ATBU-Steamer is
approved for unsupervised operation.
Even a test manager can use it at night,
when electricity rates are lower.

ATBU-Steamer Features at a Glance

Bug-free software every time thanks to RATIONAL's
Fahrenheit 455® system with patented scorch technology
No manual spraying of harsh chemicals
No scrubbing
Auto-cleaning of software residue left in the cabinet
Perfect results in compliance with IEEE hygiene standards
FLEXlm support for table-top, desk-top or floor units
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