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I am trying to create a new project using RA (V2002.05.20) to copy from an
existing (approx 350MB - Both SQLAnywhere) project, on the same server,
but a different hard drive.

RA seems to be creating the new project at about 8Mb PER HOUR. At this
rate, it will take over 40 hours to finish.

This just does not seem right!! I rang Rational support about it and they
said that the projects they test with are only about 5Mb and so they don't
notice any problem!

Has anyone else had experience of trying to do this. Can someone please
give me some figures for times/db sizes they may have had.

I have previously (manually) copied a similar sized project from server to
server over our network and it only took 2 hours in that case. Then I had
work to edit all the project etc files to reflect the new pathname. I
thought I would do try it the easier(??) way using the RA utility this
time, but it is seeming like a bad alternative at this point.

Does anyone have any recommendations?


Russell Lewis
QA Developer
Insession Technologies,