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    Object Order Recognition in HTML

    In the Help file, It is specified that recording against HTML,
    Robot always uses HTMLID, if available, and then name, text, and
    index recognition and ignores any settings in the Object Recognition
    Order tab in GUI Record OPtion.
    In our application, While recording against HTML, Robot uses both the Name and Index ("Name=selectList_1;Index=2")
    I would like to make sure that object is recognized by Name only.
    Since Index is changed every time I open the same screen.
    Is there any other work around solution for my problem.
    Thank you for your response


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    Re: Object Order Recognition in HTML

    That happens when you have multiple objects with the same name ( same as when you have multiple objects with no name and Robot indexes the generic object type "Type=ComboEditBox;ObjectIndex=2" ). The first instance of the object will be: "Name=objectName", then the second will be: "Name=objectName;Index=2", then "Name=objectName;Index=3", etc...
    The Solution ? Control the index numbers somehow.


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    Re: Object Order Recognition in HTML

    Thank You for the Reply.
    I happen to notice that Name varies with the Tab in the screen
    First Tab -> "Name=OK_Btn"
    Second Tab -> "Name=OK_Btn;objectIndex =1"
    Third Tab -> "Name=OK_Btn;objectIndex =2" and so on

    So, I have to select the First Tab every time to close the Screen




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