I have few queries regarding ROBOT Verification Point Types. I want to
tell you that I am using the GUI Insert toolbar that appear during
Recording time. That is the place where I pick-n-create Verification
point on the application screen controls.

Q1.Alphanumeric Verification point Type: I tried to use this on a HTML
EditBox, but it recognized it as a Window; and gave an error that "Unable
to capture the text". The web page was NOT a frame, but it was a single
web page on which only one editbox and a push button was there. Where
should I use this Alphanumeric Verification point type?

Q2. Let's say I have a HTML table. Now I wish to find the attribute (such
as, Text color, font size, etc) assigned to each row. For eg. if the
color changes at row #5, I should be able to know that.
Also I want to keep track of every new row added in the entire Table or
every row which is deleted by the web application. Which Logic I should
use for verifying this. The Object data does not fulfil the criteria. I
simply do NOT wish to just compare and derive the result in the form of

I would really appeciate a quick reply!