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1) It doesn't matter what the questions are about, if you are well versed
you will be OK. No one knows everything, so if you don't have an answer
admit that.

The questions will depend on the company, their requirements and experience.
If they haven't used Rational before they will probably be curious about the
way you have used it so far. If they have been using it for a while they
will be seeing if you fit in with their way of work.

I would ask you questions about code, I would probably ask you to bring some
examples of functions you have written. What admin stuff you have done on
test manager (mainly coz I can't be bothered to do that stuff myself), and
to give me examples of problems you found when using Robot and how you got
around them.

I would expect them to cover the type of application you will be testing.
In the past I have done pensions, SCSI raid systems, billing systems and now
telecoms. Whilst I was not an expert in any of these fields I did have
enough knowledge to answer the basic technical questions.

2) Answer honestly, if you need to BS your way into a job look for something
else, for your own sake.