Hi All
I'm looking for some help with a small problem that doesn't seem right and was wondering if this is one of robots little problems that it has. With that said, here’s the problem.
I'm trying to pull the text field from a pushbutton and then compare it to a temp field I created. The temp field picks up the string, but it doesn't compare it?
The code is as follows

Dim Temp as String

sqagetproperty "Type=PushButton;ObjectIndex=6", "Text", Temp

If Temp = "&Open Full Application" then
Window SetContext, "Caption=WL - Pre-application Entry", ""
PushButton Click, "Text=Open Full Application"


Window SetContext, "Caption=WL - Pre-application Entry", ""
PushButton DblClick, "Text=Not Linked To A Full Application"
SQAvplog SQAFail, "Error in script, see if the Open Full App is available to this script", "Check Script", "", ""

End if

The PushButton has an underscore in the text represented by the "&" and it also has a pic attached represented by the " ". I've tried all combos of using and not using these special characters to no avail...Am I missing something...?
The project I'm working on is programmed in Delphi