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I've got a problem with objectrecognition.
If you take this HTML source code as testing app:


<span id=dontusethis>use this</span>
<DIV id=dontusethis2>use this2</DIV>

<B id=dontusethis3>use this3[/B]

use this4


and then start clicking on the text in IE, why do I get

Window SetContext, "WindowTag=WEBBrowser", ""
Browser NewPage,"",""
HTML Click, "HTMLId=dontusethis", "Coords=6,9"
HTMLDocument Click, "Index=1", "Coords=38,45"
HTML Click, "HTMLId=dontusethis2", "Coords=23,9"
HTML Click, "HTMLId=dontusethis3", "Coords=18,10"
HTMLLink Click, "Name=name3", ""

and how can I change object recognition to record the visual text (HTML
property innerText) instead of the bloody internal ID which will be
changing depending on the starting point of testing.

I've already been working on the object recognition order in GUI Record
Options but visable text does not mean Text apparantly so changing the
recognition order doesn't work.

any help is much appreciated,
Richard Ammerlaan
Sogeti Nederland B.V.
Software Control