Hello All,
I've ran into a problem with the app I'm working on where I cannot get the "text" string out of a custom Combo/list box.
The app I'm working on is delphi, I've set the proper SQAGetProperty code and it returns as a sucess. It reads whats in the properties list for text as I've checked that and it returns no text in the "Text" field.
The ComboBox is attached to a dataset that has all the cities names. You can select these by using the dropdown or simply typing it in. When I try to capture the text string, in the combobox it comes up as empty. This is a custom comboBox that the developers created. I've also tried to use the clipboard and it appears that that is also empty, (although I haven't used clipboards much and may be doing that wrong.) It does show up in an image or window VP. Is there anyway I can take an image VP of the area of the box during runtime and convert the text into a string to compare it to the text thats supposed to be there? Otherwise, does anyone have any idea how I can get that text string from the screen so I can verify it against what held in the database. And please drop me a code example as I'm lost right now on this issue and haven't a clue how to get around this.
Thanks for anyhelp