User Cole, Huw ( posted:

Rollie, first make sure you have the HTML extensions installed, look in
Tools - Extension Manager in Robot. I'm guessing you have anyway but check
just in case.
What's more likely to be the problem is you recognition string, which robot
uses to see the object that you're trying to the alt text from - I like to
use msgbox as a debug aid in order to see what robot has picked up, also I
prefer to use a variable to hold the string in case its particularly long.
Here's an example,
Near the Dim Result as Integer put the lines:
Dim recmethod as string
Dim TextCompare as variant

'Then where you need to test the alt text try:

recmethod =
"Type=Window;Name=YourWindow;\;Type=ListView;Name= lstDescription" '(try
using inspector to get the correct path to your application)
Result = SQAGetPropertyAsString (recmethod, "Alt.Text", TextCompare)
msgbox TextCompare '(this will bring up a message box during
playback to show you what robot has captured from the object, if its nothing
the your recognition string is wrong)
If TextCompare = "PutYourExpectedResultHere" then
Result = SQAPass
SQALogMessage Result, "Verified the Alt Text: " + TextCompare,""
Result = SQAFail
SQALogMessage sqaFail, "Failed to verify the Alt Text expected:
"PutYourExpectedResultHere", actual: " + TextCompare, "Error" + Str$(Result)
+ ": " + Error$(Result)
End If

Hope this helps,
PS there's loads about recognition string problems in the archives, you may
find what you're looking for quickly in there.