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But now it works the way it's supposed to doesn't it? You can't work if
anyone has the log open. Anyone, anywhere. (Great way to tick off people
when you're gone for the weekend or "leaving" a job. Open the log on some
remote machine and forget about it. snicker.)

Sorry, it can't be changed.

MArk B.
Let's see, can you really call it automated if certain MANUAL parts CAN NOT
be circumvented?

Paolo Cantoni <> wrote in message

I've recently changed jobs to a new company. At my old company we used
Robot 2000, here we are using Robot 2002.

Under Robot 2000, you could have a viewer log opened and if you re-ran
the script, the new log would update the old log automatically. Under
Robot 2002 the log is locked from the start and will inhibit running the
script if it's open. I know about conditionally viewing the log (that
is, Never, Always, only on error) but that doesn't solve my problem of
having to manually close the log if I've been looking at it.

Is there any way to restore the Robot 2000 functionality or must my
fingers and brain learn new habits...?