Performance test Tools : Rational Robot and Test manager.

I have been trying this for sometime now. I have created a Datapool with 4 columns. Each col. has the datatype "Get from file".
I have defined the data files in MS Excel with required values. I was successfully able to "generate" the required multiple rows of data, in the test manager.

I have defined Datapool_config <datapool name>, after recording the script in Robot and was able to get first row of data. But I am unable to access the subsequent rows. (Robot comes up with only the first row every time). I have tried everything, from manipulating the "Fetch", "open", "Close" datapools commands without success.

Can anyone tell me what is going wrong? What is the exact process to access data (of datatype "get from file") in rational robot?

Some sample script, where this type of scenario is used would be most helpful.

Vikram Bhinge
Software Testing