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Thanks to all with some help/questions I had posted earlier these past 2
weeks on VU testings. It's been a very tense but exciting 2 weeks in sunny
Florida! Before coming here the customer knew that creating a performance
script on their software in 2 weeks was definitely a challenge. No one at
the customer site had every used any Rational Product.

I have learned plenty about the VU scripting (or what I still call
Performance Studio) and I was successful in creating and modifying a
performance script running 100 VUs against the customer application. The
customer application uses sockets protocol. We hit a limit of 100 VUs with
the current customer server hardware that I was using. The limit on the
server was due to having only 2-gig of memory installed on a quad-processor
machine. With more server memory, I could have run additional VUs.

Now comes the fun part. I get to go out with the customer next week to the
HP Performance Measurement Lab in Cupertino and run my script against some
hot HP servers. Our goal is 1000 VUs with different server hardware
configurations. After installing and configuring my test script at HP, it
should be a simple matter of just rerunning my script a bunch of times.

A note about my experience with Performance Studio (or whatever one wishes
to call it). The product runs great. I am really impressed on how easy it is
to record the script, modify it, and run it with many VUs. Yes, I had a
learning curve (I used similar products many years ago) mainly with
configuration, etc. I had Rational Support on the phone a few times mainly
cause I had an extremely tight schedule deadline. Rational Support was
wonderful (these are the performance support guys). If you are reading this,
THANKS TONY for helping me!

If anyone needs someone to help them with Performance Testing, short-term or
long-term contract, please contact me at:
Common Sense, Inc.
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I am losing this temporary email account today, so I will be removing myself
from this newsgroup (again) for a bit and hopefully will be back on again

This newsgroup is absolutely FANTASTIC!

Roy Ashkenaz