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    Testing OCX controls

    User Andrew Wong (Andrew.Wong@bedbath.com.nospam) posted:

    Hi All,

    Once a OCX control is tested. Does it need to be tested again if your
    using it in a new application? Or just test to see it integrated properly
    with the new app.
    Any Software Tester thoughts on this subject would be greatly appreciated.

    Penny for Your Thoughts



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    Re: Testing OCX controls

    User PHIL BEVAN (PHIL.BEVAN@thales-cs.com.nospam) posted:

    You test it with the application, no telling how it could interact so you
    don't ignore it.

    You do have a suite of basic OCX tests that you can do for the app haven't
    you? Then

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    Re: Testing OCX controls

    User DAVID MARSH (DAVID.MARSH@thales-cs.com.nospam) posted:

    If you base your testing on the documentation for specifications and
    requirements then you don't need opinions.

    For example if you have tested something then if it is used in another
    application if the pecs and requirements give you a list of stuff to test
    then the something will either get tested as part of those tests, or you
    will find your documentation lacking because there is no reason to have the
    something there. After all it is not just the item itself that would get
    tested but also any interfaces.

    And if you have some automation functions for the control already then no
    worries, 5 minute job.

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    Re: Testing OCX controls

    User Andrew Wong (Andrew.Wong@bedbath.com.nospam) posted:


    Thank you for your input. Yes, it is in the tech spec and yes it will be
    part of the test.





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