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Hey gang, thanks for the feedback. I actually found a nearly perfect example
in the online help system. (imagine THAT!)
I tweaked it a little bit to eliminate the buttons since I don't want anyone
to be able to continue or cancel until AFTER the delay. (I couldn't figure
out how to actually ELIMINATE the buttons, so I just defined them as 1x1 and
pushed them to the lower corner of the dialog box.
Here's the code I have in place.

1. Defined LengthMins and Length as global variables in header file.

2. Function code in library file:
Function timeout(id$,action%,suppvalue&)
Static timeoutStart as Long
Static currentSecs as Long
Dim thisSecs as Long
Select Case action%
Case 1
' initialize the dialog box. Set the ticker value to 30
' and remember when we put up the dialog box
DlgText "ticker", ""&Length
timeoutStart = timer
currentSecs = Length
Case 5
' this is an idle message - set thisSecs to the number of
' seconds left until timeout
thisSecs = timer
If thisSecs < timeoutStart Then thisSecs = thisSecs + 24*60*60
thisSecs = Length - (thisSecs - timeoutStart)
' if there are negative seconds left, timeout!
If thisSecs < 0 Then DlgEnd -1
' If the seconds left has changed since last time,
' update the dialog box
If thisSecs <> currentSecs Then
DlgText "ticker", trim$(str$(thisSecs))
currentSecs = thisSecs
End If
' make sure to return non-zero so we keep getting idle messages
timeout = 1
End Select
End Function

3. Script calling the function:
'Waits 3 minutes for emails to process
'Define delay length for dialog box
LengthMins = 2
length = LengthMins * 60

Begin Dialog newdlg 160, 68, "Delay Information", .timeout
'$CStrings Save
OKButton 159, 67, 1, 1
CancelButton 159, 67, 1, 1
Text 15, 5, 145, 8, "The script is now on a delay for"
Text 115, 5, 28, 8, ""&LengthMins
Text 15, 13, 145, 8, "minutes to allow emails to process."
Text 15, 28, 145, 8, "Time remaining in delay:"
Text 91, 28, 14, 8, ""&length, .ticker
Text 105, 28, 30, 8, "seconds."
Text 15, 43, 145, 8, "This box will close automatically after"
Text 15, 51, 145, 8, "the delay is finished."
'$CStrings Restore
End Dialog
Dim dlgVar As newdlg
If dialog(dlgvar) = 0 Then
Exit Sub ' abort
End If

Thanks again for your replies.