Hi. I'm using Robot with the intent of automating some existing regression test cases & some stress test cases which have not been designed but their UI protos are done. I used Robot to record the scripts for the regression test cases and played them back. I parsed the logs to generate my report. But as I started investigating the automatically generated, very detailed Test Manager logs, I believe there may be a lot more useful functionality for generating more valuable reports.

I'd like to know what some other automated test suites look like (tools, processes, etc.) For example my "suite" looks like this:

HARDWARE: 1 PC Workstation (2.2GHz Pentium, Windows XP, 256 MB RAM)

SOFTWARE: Rational Test [SQL Anywhere, Robot (v2002.05.00), Test Manager],PVCS Tracker 6, MS Office 2000

Robot - records & plays back scripts of existing manual test cases
Test Manager - generates PASS\FAIL log from Robot results
Office 2000 - generates Reports from Test Manager results

Is this common?
Is something missing?
What does your suite's env look like?
What are your processes?

I feel like I am only scratching the surface, so any info you could offer would be greatly appreciated!

Thx a BUNCH,

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