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Hi Folks;
I have been part of this group for quite some time now, every time I had any
technical issues, there was always some one to help me out.
This time I have a non-technical issue & that is to find couple of
individuals with solid experience (at least 2 – 3 years) with Rational
Robot, above & beyond “Record & Play-back”.
In addition if you have experience with other Rational tools such as
RequestPro, ClearQuest, ClearCase, Rose etc. that will be a big plus. This
is a long term consulting gig, great work environment, located in Tallassee
Florida. Client is State of Florida, rate will depend upon experience, &
personally I don’t have any control over it either. This is 100% rational
shop & we are committed to implement the RUP process - the right way, so
here is great opportunity to learn about the process & grow.
That was all good news now the bad news is that we will not sponsor any
H1’s, neither will work with any third party, so consulting firms, please
don’t fill my mail box, I have serious issue with the disk space.

If anyone interested please send me your resume ASAP off-line at


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