User Cliff Douglas ( posted:

From what I understand from Rational when I called the other day, they do
not support ANY third party tool and will not give you any help or ideas
to help you along. I'm working with a Delphi program and it has several
3rd party tools (along with a ton of custom controls/objects) that I had
to ask a couple questions about object mapping and I was told that they
WOULDN'T be able to help me.
I also asked about other controls that are Delphi and was told that there
are no changes. (This was from support) and then I looked within their
doc's and I found a doc that said that the new version has some updates
and changes to Delphi. However when I downloaded the update and looked at
the file in question...guess what, no changes...
I don't know what to believe from Rational anymore, they say they support
something and then give no support....
Oh well, life goes on...