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Hello All

Iím coming to you all to ask for help with a problem that has me dead in
the water at this point as I havenít been able to get an answer from
Rational support other than to more or less figure it out on my own.
Iím working with a Delphi program that our god of programmers has decided
in their infinite wisdom to have a ďlargeĒ volume of custom
controls/objects. Now many of the standard ďTControlsĒ are mapped with in
the guiobj_builtin.dat file that is within the main program file on the C
drive. However because of the ďlargeĒ volume of controls/objects Iím
unable to map them to the guiobj.dat that is located in the project file,
as this will only hold 35 controls/objects. Leaving me with little option
but to amend the guiobj_builtin.dat file.
Because of this I have two questions that maybe some of you wonderfully
wise people can answer, as I havenít been able figure this out.
1) Can you map third party controls such as TdxEdit within the same area
as TEdit that is mapped as a standard control within the
guiobj_builtin.dat file and is this correct?
2) Do I need to worry about mapping any non-visual controls/objects?
Any help would be appreciated as this has me stumped at this point. I
donít want to go any further forward as this will cause me to rescript
items down the line if I get them wrong.
Thanks again in advance