User Carl Nagle ( posted:

My problem is that I have been unable to use SQAInvokeMethod successfully on an OCX, in this case, the VSFlexGrid.

I already have my workarounds in place, but it bothers me that I could not get it to work on this control. (Actually, I've never used it before, either.)

The error I get is 1019--SQAErrorInvokingMethod. To me that means that the object and the methods were found but execution somehow failed. The methods do show up in a VB Object Browser with the expected syntax.

The two methods I tried BOTH expect row/col parameters as Long values. Yet, SQAInvokeMethod wants all parameters in a single string separated by commas.

So, can SQAInvokeMethod work with a method using numeric parameters?

Sample invocations that I used:

parms = Trim$(Str$(row))&","& Trim$(Str$(col))
SQAInvokeMethod myFlexGrid, "ShowCell", parms


status = SQAInvokeMethod (myFlexGrid, "ShowCell", parms)

Where appropriate I have also tried with empty optional parameters.

Any information is greatly appreciated.