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You could certainly use Win API calls, but in this case consider using the
SQASetProperty command.

Cheers . . . Paul

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06/25/2002 10:41 Subject: Application Navigation thru funciton calls?
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Has anyone built a better mouse trap using function calls for navigation?
Is there something similar to a Setfocus() or Getfocus() call for controls
which would take a resource ID to help Robot navigate an application?

Example: Let's say you have a dialog asking for personal information and
there are 20+ fields, you want your script to fill in only the required
fields so you can continue thru the application. Only required fields are
LastName and Phone Number, 2 of 20 fields. Current options: use mouse
events (bad Robot, bad), accelerators (assuming your programming staff has
never heard of an accelerator key), or use Keystrokes (tab/arrow keys).
Tell me there is a better way.

I hear teleportation is on it's way, but can't wait.