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Sent this link last year, links, tips for searching for code, examples
(although some are related to the tool Automate)

Good Links -
Microsoft Office Objects
Microsoft Access Objects
Microsoft Excel Objects
Microsoft Outlook Objects
Microsoft File System Objects
Reference for Visual BASIC Developers
Microsoft Internet Explorer Objects
Microsoft Internet Explorer Objects
Microsoft Internet Explorer Object Model
Microsoft Excel VBA Examples
Microsoft Office 97 Dev Guide
MS Office 2000 Resource Guide
MS Office Developer Online Microsoft's VBA Site
Andy's Visual Basic Site
Windows Registry Guide
Windows API Beginner's Guide
All API Network

Tips for seaching for vb code-

Examples, although some are specific to the tool Automate. -
Date and Time
Internet Related
Network and System Related
Working with Files
Microsoft Office (Tested in Office 2000)
Lotus Notes R5 (Release 5)
SQL Scripts