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    Help to Newbie

    Just now, I have installed Robot. I'm in the first step. I know WinRunner and Visual test. Can anyone explain about various file extensions, which are used in Robot?
    Robot creates three sub folders named as testData, testDatastore, TestUsersandGroups. Pls explain above the same?

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    Re: Help to Newbie

    The Defaulttestscriptstore is where Robot stores all the test scripts (.rec files)you create. .grd are verification point files. SQABas32 directory contains the header (.sbh)and common library (.sbl) files

    Sachin Lalye

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    Re: Help to Newbie

    There are also SBX files - compiled SBL (compiled Robot libraries).
    Folders: testDatastore - stores your scripts in: TestDatastore\DefaultTestScriptDatastore\TMS_Scrip ts




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