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    Robot VSFlexGrid Pro

    User PHIL BEVAN (PHIL.BEVAN@thales-cs.com.nospam) posted:

    I use Inspector Robot for it, works fine.

    Only problem is if you say "go go robot inspector" it gets very annoyed and
    doesn't do anything.

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    Re: Robot VSFlexGrid Pro

    User Kai Schrimpf (kai.schrimpf@db.com.nospam) posted:


    it depends on which version of Robot you're using....

    uo until 2000 it worked , then they UNFIXED it and it didn't work from 2001 - 2002....

    However it got fixed in 2002 Service Release 2 again.

    If you have any of the working versions you can use VP's and SQAGetProperty to access data.

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    From: "Rene Vogt" <Rene.Vogt@securiton.ch> on 06/10/2002 02:29 PM ZE2

    Please respond to "SQA Suite Team Test Users" <sqa-suite-users@lyris.dundee.net>

    To: "SQA Suite Team Test Users" <sqa-suite-users@lyris.dundee.net>
    Subject: Robot VSFlexGrid Pro

    I'm using Rational Robot for automated testing.
    Can someone tell me, how I get data and properties from videosoft's VSFlexGrid Pro?
    Can I use Robot object data tests definitions or SQAgetproperty?
    Thanks René




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