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    handling fatal error

    User Gary Kwok (gkwok@locussystems.com.nospam) posted:


    I have designed a performance testing suite. When running them
    seperately, I have no problem with it. But when combining them and run
    it for even 15 minutes
    (20 users), one of the user gets a fatal error and exit abnormally.
    When I check the log file, it only says the following:

    [] Local logfile_process_user(u010) encountered logio error

    How can I go about to solve this problem so that the suite will pass and
    it will actually generate some result set from this (right now nothing
    is saved and generated)

    I am also assuming some of the recv command got chopped off leading to
    this problem. Any suggestion as to how to log this kinda error?




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    Re: handling fatal error

    User Steve Gray (sgray@BridgeMedical.com.nospam) posted:

    How much RAM is on the machine managing the test run? I've seen this when:
    A) The suite runs for a long time with the log event control logging all
    "pass" and log data control doing the same
    B) there's not enough ram on the machine (shouldn't be your problem here,
    since there's only 20vu...)

    My guess is it's A. Open the suite in Test Manager, go to Suite>Edit




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