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Thread: few queries...

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    few queries...

    User DAVID MARSH (DAVID.MARSH@thales-cs.com.nospam) posted:

    Firstly please always post to the forum, your question will probably be of
    interest to others so lets share the knowledge.

    1) Automated testing is difficult because of a number of reasons. Firstly
    the people who often buy the tools do not understand what they are buying.
    They get a demonstration and the salesperson gives them the following

    "All you have to do is push the record button and at the end you have a
    script that you can replay again and again".

    Well that is not a lie, but unfortunately if the application changes then
    the script often fails. The record process relies heavily on coordinates,
    so if your developers move a button you are stuffed. Also if they change
    object names, put in new controls etc, etc. The scripts can be updated, but
    the process is normally so slow that the automated test software ends up on
    a shelf.

    So I am one of the people who recommend writing functions, for example a
    function to create a new client, this function can be used throughout the
    test code, and if something changes in the create new customer screen, you
    only have to update it once. Although the initial work is harder it is far
    easier to maintain in the long run.

    Once you decide on your approach you then have the problem that not all of
    the objects will be able to be accessed by the automation software, you have
    to devise work arounds. Sometime ctrl-c to get stuff into the clipboard,
    other times tab to get to the correct edit box. It is always a battle, but
    if you have gone down the function route you can reuse the code.

    2) SQL is a database language, you may or may not need it, SQA is the basic
    language for Rational Robot, if you use Winrunner you don't need SQA (but
    you do need TSL).

    3) Depends on your project, although (in general but not always) I would
    expect test systems to be smaller in scale than real life, also sometimes in
    real life you have some very nasty people who figure if they break the
    system they don't have to work, stories of people pouring coffee into
    computers, or finding out what cause a crash and crashes on purpose.

    I would strongly recommend you write a strategy of how you are going to
    automate before you start the project. If you don't the chances of failure
    will be many times higher. Before you choose a tool get a developer to make
    a small application with a broad selection of the controls they plan to use
    (all of them if possible), then a second version with some changes to
    position, name and extra objects. Get the tools provider to show their
    product working on the first application, and see how easy it is for them to
    update their scripts to the second app.

    For any automation of a large project get one very experienced person who
    can write functions in the required language. Be careful not to employ
    someone who only knows how to record and playback. Other people on the
    project need to have some experience of programming, they do not have to be
    very highly skilled, just good competent programmers.



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    Re: few queries...

    User (lgoodwin@russell.com.nospam) posted:

    Dave, your statement about Coordinates applies only to objects that Robot
    cannot map to a specific Object Type, in which case, you generally have to
    map it to the "Generic" object type, which requires using Coordinates. In
    this case, your statement is correct. However, in many cases, recorded
    scripts will use specific object properties (e.g., "Name") to identify
    specific controls, instead of using Coordinates. Also note that some
    recorded actions (e.g., EditBox Click) include a "Coords=" parameter that
    is used to identify a particular area WITHIN the control (NOT the same as
    Coords used to identify upper-left corner of control within the parent),
    and in some cases, do not actually require this parameter (you can change
    it to "" or "Coords=0,0" and it will still work).

    However, I agree wholeheartedly on the importance of writing modular code
    that is re-usable. I've spent a significant amount of time porting
    cleverly written scripts that were still not modular, e.g., they contained
    many local instances of the same subs and functions, plus a lot of
    repetetive recorded actions, and numerous variations on the exact same
    test script. What a waste of time!



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    Re: few queries...

    User DAVID MARSH (DAVID.MARSH@thales-cs.com.nospam) posted:

    Yep I know what you are getting at, but if I recorded I wouldn't know what
    coords were relevant or not without checking.

    Sometimes I have had to use coords, rarely, once was a calendar control. I
    used one real coord, then the rest were relative to that, so I knew the top
    left position, and added values to step right and down as required.

    And as you say, it doesn't matter if it was recorded or written, a long flat
    file is a nightmare to maintain.

    Recording and reliable playback could only work if nothing ever changes in
    the app, and if nothing has changed why the $%* are you testing it again?




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