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Hi All

I am facing the below problems with Vu and sqabasic
scripts, if anyone knows solution pl.send the with

1. Is it possibe make a setup or exe using Robot
script files? becz my client wants to run the the
sqabasic and Vu script files in their location, i am
getting problem if i use any dll's in my scripts(i.e.
ado objects and etc.)

2. How to read values from Datapool using VU Script
?pl. send the code for this.( i know how to work with
datapools using sqabasic scripts, but with vu i am
getting problems)

3. How to pass different set of values for each
individual user while running VU Script for different
users? pl. send the send code for this also.

Thanking you all.

A.Srinivasa rao
Comp-U-learn Tech india Ltd