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    Test cases - Reply to Aidy\'s remark

    User Dave Heezen (daveheezen@hotmail.com.nospam) posted:

    A) Navigating to 'Change password' dialog box
    Smoke test. Right?

    B) Verifying that password can be changed
    Funtionality test. Right?

    What about ...
    1) Verify that the listbox has the default items on the list
    Smoke Test?

    2) Select some items on a dialog box and press '<< Back' and then 'Next>>'.
    Make sure that the selected items remain selected.
    Functionality Test?

    3) No input is made in a required input field. 'Next>>' button should remain
    Functionality test?

    4) Input invalid character in a numeric field.
    Functionality test?

    Downright simple test cases like the above 1-4, I was clubbing them
    together with simple navigation tests. Is my test case categorization here
    fundmentally flawed?


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    areas are being automted gradually.
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    Re: Test cases - Reply to Aidy\'s remark

    User Aidy Rutter (MMcNaughton@STSSystems.com.nospam) posted:
    A) If navigating to the 'change password' dialog box fails does it prevent
    you from testing a significant portion of the application.

    1) Can you still test a significant amount of the application if all the
    default items are not in the listbox?

    Do you want another build before you can test. That's what a smoke test is
    about imho.


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    Re: Test cases - Reply to Aidy\'s remark

    User (viqar.qadir@finantix.com.nospam) posted:

    I have to agree with max about the issue. A smoke test is meant to verify
    the applications testability not it`s functionality. For example if you
    click on okay after entering your password and the server crashes, that`s a
    smoke test...a failed smoke test. It means the application cannot be
    tested. If you can still navigate to other functionality, in that case it
    is not a smoke test.
    By the way...item 2 on your list is a navigation test...not a functionality


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