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This exchange just occurred between developers in our group.

Steve, the developer sends an email to the group:

Just a friendly reminder that I am out of the office next week so if you are
going to need something of me you should talk to me today or tomorrow.

To which they reply:
Joe: I'll have a double tall soy hazelnut cappuccino

Michel: Do we have to wait a week to get our drink orders filled? They
might be kinda cold and yucky by then...

Bob: I'd like arande nonfat caramel machiatto, extra caramel.
That can be delivered to my desk promptly at 10am tomorrow.

To which Steve replies via an email timed to be delivered at exactly 10:00

Don't know why you need this but ok....
extern class Coffee;

extern class Milk;

extern class Caramel;

extern class Hazelnut;
class Machiatto : public coffee



Machiatto (Coffee::SizeType,Milk) { }

~Machiatto () { }

class Cappuccino: public coffee



Cappuccino(Coffee::SizeType,Milk) { }

~Cappuccino() { }

Machiatto BobsDrink(Coffee::Arande, Milk(Milk::NonFat));


Cappuccino JoesDrink(Coffee::Tall,Milk(Milk::Soy));


Developers are so funny. :-)
MArk B.