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    Passing a null value

    User Gordon Hill (hillg@gaelquality.co.uk.nospam) posted:

    Is it possible to pass a null value to a variable?

    Every time I run the following script, the message "GenericObjectType has a
    value" is returned whether the value is null or not.

    Function code

    Function GQGenericObjectClick (GenericObjectName As String,
    GenericObjectType As Variant)

    If GenericObjectType = null Then
    SQALogMessage sqaNone, "GenericObjectType is null",
    "GenericObjectType is null"
    SQALogMessage sqaNone, "GenericObjectType has a value",
    "GenericObjectType has a value"
    End If

    End Function

    Script code.

    Window SetContext, "Name=QPMenu", ""
    Call GQGenericObjectClick("ObjectName", null)

    Thanks in Advance



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    Re: Passing a null value

    User DAVID MARSH (DAVID.MARSH@thales-cs.com.nospam) posted:

    I think you should take a gander at the IsNull command



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