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As part of our continuing series of free seminars, RTTS presents:

Testing the Microsoft .NET Platform - The Challenges and Solutions for
Successful Implementation

With the release of the Microsoft .NET framework, business application
development has changed dramatically. Organizations migrating to this
platform will encounter new challenges that will arise.

RTTS has successfully developed and implemented testing techniques that have
ensured application performance and functionality. These automated testing
techniques help validate .NET applications running in a full spectrum of
environments. They can help isolate and define problems, and ensure that
systems can properly handle data at the anticipated loads-before
applications go live.

Seminar Topics

- A review of the Microsoft .NET platform and the increasing architectural
complexity of the Web

- Compatibility issues encountered with standard testing tools when testing
.NET applications

- Discuss our proven solutions - including plug-ins to integrate mainstream
automation tools, stand-alone products, component testing remedies, protocol
testing for performance testing, and custom coding approaches for Winforms

- Actual case studies from our experiences testing .NET platforms

- Product demos

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