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    How to use data pool

    Hi all,
    I am using Robot for the first time , i tried to use data pool option but i could n't able to do that .Any one can tell me how to use a data pool option????

    Thanks in advance.


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    Re: How to use data pool

    I think you might be knowing how to create a datapool.Datapoolas re created in the Test manager by performing the below steps

    1.Open the test manager
    2.select Tools->>Manage->datapools
    3.Click on New to enter the field and later edit it to enter the details or use the auto data generator

    Once the datapool is generated you can use it in the script.
    Eg:i have created a datapool called Robot,

    1.Open the datapool using SQADatapoolOpen("Robot")
    2.Then fetch the records from the datapool using SQAdatapoolfetch
    3.Get the value of a row using SQADatapoolValue
    4.Finially close it using SQADataPoolClose

    Please go through the SQABasic help on more information on Datapools.

    If u have any doubts please ask.

    Vinayak Kamath
    QA Analyst




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