I have posted the same message in the general Performance and Load Test forum as well, but would really like an answer from the Robot experts.

Question is: Does Robot support the VU recording and playback of the CITRIX ICA protocol?

We are in the process of load testing a Citrix Server and here is the gist of my problem. We are accessing the Informatica Client via CITRIX from overseas locations via a 256Kbps dedicated link and also from local locations via dial up (56K modems). The performance over the dial up (from local locations) is much better in terms of response times (in the order of 8 to 10 seconds), than the access over the link (from overseas locations) which is in the order of 35 to 45 seconds. The performance of other published applications on the CITRIX server is excellent in both cases (dial up and link). Which leads us to believe that the current Informatica set up on the CITRIX server may not be optimal. We therefore, want to conduct a series of load / stress / performance tests on the CITRIX Server I therefore need to know if I can record and playback my Citrix activities using Robot.

Utpal Mehta