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I have an HTML ComboBox that uses "<OPTION value=some_alias>" tag to assign an alias to each list
item. The "length" property contains the number of items in the list.
The "value" property contains the ALIAS, not the displayed value. There
does not appear to be any property that contains only the currently
displayed item (by its display value), nor an easy way to get a list of
the items as they appear when selected.

I can get a list of ALIASES by looping through the list items using the
"length" property as an index, select item by specifying its index, and
read the "value" property.

This is a clunky way to get/test the items in the combobox. Does anyone
know of a better way? Is there a missing property? I've already looked
through the list of available properties that are not included by default,
but did not find a match.