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    Using Robot and ClearQuest

    User Libby, Cynthia (clibby@sagetelecom.net.nospam) posted:

    We want to integrate Robot and ClearQuest a bit more. We've been using ClearQuest for defect and enhancement tracking. Just starting to use Robot. Our defects are entered by several people and the process works pretty well.

    What we want to do is associate Robot test log(s) with an existing defect/enhancement. Our Rational guy tells us that isn't possible. We can create a defect from Robot, but not vice versa.

    I'm guessing one of you can either tell me how to do this or can tell me to stop trying because it doesn't work.

    On a side note - does it help to do straight records of test sessions and keep those for a particular defect? That's not the way I used WinRunner so not sure if this is different for Robot or just a misunderstanding.


    Cynthia Libby
    Software QA Analyst
    Sage Telecom, Inc. www.sagetelecom.net
    805 Central Expressway South, Suite 100
    Allen, TX 75013-2789
    email: clibby@sagetelecom.net


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    Re: Using Robot and ClearQuest

    User Aidy Rutter (AidyR@TrustMarque.com.nospam) posted:

    I can't see why when you have found the bug manually and input the defect
    manually you would want to associate the Robot script.

    If you are coding regression then you could put the manually found defect
    ID as an SQALogMessage, so we know that that defect has been noted.

    If you want to completely associate the script with a defect, then run the
    script, submit defect into CQ through TM test-log viewer, then change the
    state of the previous manual defect to Duplicate. The Test Data tab will
    automatically be populated.

    "does it help to do straight records of test sessions and keep those for a
    particular defect?" - I don't understand this.


    We want to integrate Robot and ClearQuest a bit more. We've been using =


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    Re: Using Robot and ClearQuest

    User (lgoodwin@russell.com.nospam) posted:

    On linking test logs to Defect Records: Are you looking for a way to
    open/view the associated test log for a given bug report from the bug
    database, or something else?

    At my last job, I designed a bug tracking database and bug regression test
    engine that allowed my to associate test scripts of several
    types/languages with specific bug reports. I could then launch an
    automated bug regression test that chose which bugs to retest based on
    attributes such as BugId, Product, Platform, Functional Area, Severity and
    Priority. The association between bug report and test script was made by
    adding db fields for specifying the Test Type and Script Name. There was
    a specific path on the LAN where these scripts had to be placed (bug db
    provided 3 ways to insert script), and the saved script's file name
    contained the BugId (this limited each bug to a single script). There are
    ways to associate multiple scripts, but this served our purpose nicely
    (each script could have multiple test cases).

    On Point-n-click script creation: Robot is one of several tools that
    support both the "test automation for dummies" method and "anal-retentive
    C programmer" styles of automation. ...and any combination of the two
    that you would like to use. The script recorder is very useful for
    capturing isolated sets of actions to speed up coding. I would not
    recommend using this method solely to create test scripts because it
    results in a LOT of redundant code, does not provide for iteration,
    requires a dangerous dependency on Robot's built-in bells and whistles,
    all of which result in increased maintenance costs and loss of
    flexibility. The built-in test functions come with a high degree of
    overhead in terms of portability issues (Robot upgrades, copying suites,




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    Re: Using Robot and ClearQuest

    User Kevin Petry (72627.2200@compuserve.com.nospam) posted:

    Doesnt ClearQuest allow an "assocation" to visual test script name.
    Since it can be added via robot why not write the script for the
    regression bug. If your looking for manual inputs write a script that
    executes filling the log once the manual inputs are completed.




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