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    Script associated with the suites showing (deleted)

    User Thejaswi M (theju_qa@yahoo.com.nospam) posted:


    When I try running a suite from TestManager I'm
    getting the message:

    "ERROR! Test script InitTestEnv does not exist."

    (InitTestEnv is the script)

    When I do "Run properties" for the associated Test
    script it shows "ScriptName (deleted)" in the Test
    script name field in the dialog "Run Properties of
    Test Script".

    When I looked at the scripts path, the script still
    exists. It is not deleted there.

    Can some please tell me how to resolve this problem.



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    Re: Script associated with the suites showing (deleted)

    if you are running robot 2002 then you need to make a new project and just use the same scripts but most probably you need to go in the directory that the scripts are located and delete any file that has the extention .lock

    Geaux LSU



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