User Tom Ba ( posted:

Let's take a Dundee peek
at the next episode of As The Cookie Crumbles--

Flush with success, and STILL hungry,
Rational buys Keebler,
getting big snack factory for pointy-eared developers
and BIG dance-studio tree for all the elves:
Ma Booch, Ernie Rumbaugh, Professor Jacobson
and Zoot Guckenheimer.

Sugar-coma-hilarity ensues as elves doze
and number of unshipped cookies grows.

Just before avalanche on Mt. Keebler,
QA hatches a customer incentive plan--
"what we can't do, maybe our customers can!"

We'll factory stamp each box with approval,
our Gold Seal of QUALITY should speed their removal!
And for subliminal measure, we’ll write (quite discreetly),
in oblique, sans serife, on the top of each cookie:
"e a t m e"
Where dat 'drink me' bosshle?

From: Rick Rountree[]
Sent: Wednesday,March 06,2002 7:34 PM
To: SQA Suite Team Test Users
Subject: RE: List Server Problems

Tomba peek at Dundee website! Keebler is actually one of our list
customers. The following Keebler Elves have their own mailing list:

Ernie, Ma, Zoot, and Professor


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