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I haven't actually used the distributed testing functionality, but since
nobody else has replied, I'll give it a shot... The error seems to
indicate that your test repository is installed on a local drive.

The problem could be a number of things. Here are some possibilities. I
would try them in the order presented:

1. Your user account for this test repository may belong to a Group that
does not have priveleges to overwrite a test log.

2. There may be a build.lock, logfolder.lock or logobject.lock file left
around from a previous crash (database thinks log is still in use).

3. The test log file may be corrupt (Robot writes to a file during
playback, then imports data into its database from the file).

Try opening LogViewer manually. If this works, select Open... from the
File menu. You should get an Open Log dialog containing a treeview
control. The treeview should at the least have a Builds folder at the top
level, and may have one or more user-named "build" folders from previous
test runs, each containing test logs for any scripts run under specified
"build". Select one of these, and click OK to open the test log. If this
works, find the one that would not open in LogViewer and try to open it.