I am trying to instrument the VB 6.0 application whose .exe is 58 MB and .PDB is 25 MB of Size. While creating exe I have taken care of Compile time options of No Optimization and Checking the Debug Symbolic Data.

But when I am trying to run the application by Line Coverage, it gives an error saying the Reloc Data is not associated though it is there.

Then I tried with Function Coverage and it instrumented the application for 4 hours and suddenly gave us an Error as shown in attachment.

All my Code files are under one Folder and application runs fine when I run independently.

I am very much frustrated with this behaviour of instrumentation, please impart me some solution or possibly some way to debug this problem.

Thanking you in anticipation.

'Sanjeev Singh'

"I am an idealist, but don't know which way I am heading towards "