User sei roy ( posted:

Has anyone used OmniForms v4.05 by ScanSoft? Any tips, suggestions,
experiences, battle scars for using Robot?

OmniForm Developer Edition provides tools for developing fillable electronic
forms that can be incorporated directly into your own proprietary
applications or turnkey software solutions, or integrated into a web page
through the use of our OmniForm ActiveX Control.
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I just started looking at whether Robot will work with Omniforms. So far,
a. it looks like I can use Robot to insert text into the form fields
b. it looks like the text insertion is very jerky, i.e. lots of
periodic lags
c. it looks like object verifies do not see much stuff on the form
(I have not tried much in this area).

I'm hoping that someone has used OmniForms and can provide me with some
time-saving info and tips.

Roy Ashkenaz