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Error Message " Script Command Failure on ---line of 'DandO' -

The line at which the above error is generated is at
sqashellExecute "c:\winnt\system32\", " ", " "
from the following function from my Library.

I don't have any problem while I run this on a repository that is on
my Hard drive, but when I run the script on a shared repository.
The repository is at the following drive:
I:\Top_Bi\Top-bi\2002 Current\System Test Team\RobotAutmn_Phoenix3.7

Can anyone let me know why this line is failing when I run the script
from the above shared repository.


Function getPolNumLast(itotNumPol as Integer,sRatingState as string)as
Dim iCSVInTotNumPolFileNo
Dim iCSVOutTotNumPolFileNo
dim iLoopCount1 as integer
sRatingState = Ucase$(sRatingState)

iCSVInTotNumPolFileNo = FreeFile
'Open "C:\my_knd\StartNum.txt" for Input As #iCSVInputFileNo

Open "I:\Top_Bi\Top-bi\2002 Current\System Test
Team\StartNum.txt" for Input As #iCSVInTotNumPolFileNo

iCSVOutTotNumPolFileNo = FreeFile
'Open "C:\my_knd\EndNum.txt" for Output As #iCSVOutputFileNo
Open "I:\Top_Bi\Top-bi\2002 Current\System Test
Team\EndNum.txt" for Output As #iCSVOutTotNumPolFileNo

For iLoopCount1 = 1 to 17

dim iLastNum
dim sLastNum as string
dim iFirstNum
dim sCode as string
dim iFnum as Integer
dim sOutputLine as string
dim sInputline as string

Line Input #iCSVInTotNumPolFileNo, sInputLine
sOutputLine = sInputLine

sCode=getField(sInputLine, 1, ";")

if sCode = sRatingState then

iFnum = iFirstNum

iFirstNum=iFirstNum + 1
iLastNum = iFnum + iTotNumPol
sLastNum = iLastNum
sOutputLine = sCode + ";" + sLastNum
Print #iCSVOutTotNumPolFileNo, sOutputLine

sOutputLine = ""


Print #iCSVOutTotNumPolFileNo, sOutputLine

sOutputLine = ""

end if

Next iLoopCount1

close #iCSVInTotNumPolFileNo

close #iCSVOutTotNumPolFileNo

sqashellExecute "c:\winnt\system32\", " ", " "

Window SetContext, "Caption=C:\winnt\system32\", ""

'InputKeys "cd c:\my_knd{ENTER}copy EndNum.txt StartNum.txt{ENTER}"
InputKeys "I:{ENTER}"

InputKeys "cd Top_Bi\Top-bi\2002Curr\Systemte{ENTER}copy EndNum.txt

InputKeys "exit{ENTER}"


End Function