User bill purcell ( posted:

have a vb6 app with a ultra grid ocx on a form of the app;
i added test enabler object to the vb form that has several text boxes and
the ultra grid object. When app opens, i fill the grid with several rows
of data and each row can be expanded to show addition rows i.e. there are
2 bands.
inspector sees many entries including the following:
activerow.cells = object
activerow.cells.count = 37
activerow.cells = (collection)...

if i execute a vp on the grid after it is filled with several rows, i get
and a list of many properties including
activerow.cells.count = 37
but i don't see any property related to activerow.cells as a collection

get the cell count ok using Robot on app:
row_num1 as variant
result =
sqagetpropertyasstring("Name=tab1.ssuGrid","active row.cells.count",row_num1)

but fail to get cell text, get a "1005" result using
dim col_val as string
result = sqagetpropertyasstring
("Name =tab1.ssuGrid","activerow.cells(2).value",col_val)

anyone have experience getting cell data from this ultra grid?