Our AUT is written in Delphi. We have 14 projects and thousands of scripts that work very well using Rational Version 2001A. (Yes, a large number of our scripts are re-usable.) Rational changed the Delphi enabler for 2002 because they said it was not identifing objects in the "right" way. I upgraded a copy of one of my projects and a test machine to see how it worked. Playback performance is 1/3 the speed of 2001A. Record performance is useless...it takes from 1 to 3 minutes to record against an object. It now gathers more object information on Parent and Child windows but less on the actual object you wanted information on. I tested this on two W2K and one XP machine with the same results. I also created an entirely new project in 2002 to eliminate the posibility of upgraded project corruption. Same results. I was able to get a local Rational Engineering Specialist to come on site and view first hand what I was experiencing. Tech Support and developent of course say they have no other users with problems like this. Are there any other Delphi users out there and if so have you any similar problems. Our C++ application seems to be working fine with version 2002.

DC Interact Commerce Corporation