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Rational Support Document ID: 10441
TITLE: How does one change the hotkeys for Abort Playback and Pause Playback
in Robot 7.5?
PRODUCT: TeamTest 7.5

How does one change Robot's hotkeys for Abort Playback and Pause Playback?

(only applies to Robot 7.5)
The registry settings for the hotkeys are located in
HKCU\Software\Rational Software\Rational Test\7\Robot\Playback and
are named HotkeyStop and HotkeyPause (they're not listed by default).
They should be DWORDs . The DWORD is made up of three parts. The
high byte is 0 or 1 and indicates whether the key is extended (to be
"extended" implies that the key is located on the numeric keypad).

The second-highest byte contains flags which indicate CTRL ALT or
SHIFT keys must be pressed.
#define ALT_KEY_DOWN 4
#define CTRL_KEY_DOWN 2
#define SHIFT_KEY_DOWN 1

The low byte is a Virtual Key code
(see ) . For

HotKey value in Hex Meaning
0100000D Enter key on numeric keypad
00000070 F1
0000007A F11
0001007A shift-F11
0002007A ctrl-F11
0006007A ctrl-alt-F11
0000007B F12

Defaults are:
HotkeyStop= 0000007A (F11)
HotkeyPause= 0000007B (F12)