I need to get a little help. I am testing web based application by using Robot 2002. If to be exact i am testing forum and my problem next: I've created test script that 1.clicked communocation link on the left side menu,this link expanded and another three links appeared:forum,feedback,chat.
2.clicked forum link -> Forum Home page was displayed in main screen with forums folders inside.
3.clicked chosen forum folder to get access to posts.
When i re-played this test script every thing went well until step 3. From this point Robot behaived itself very strange: mouse arrow began to move from left side to rigth side line by line and then from top to bottom of the screen,as if it was scanning screen. It is going on until i restarted computer.
What i did wrong? what could cause this problem?Did anyone get problem like that before?

Any help will be apprecited. Thank you very much in advance.