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    Name of current file.

    User Allan Ventrup Forsmark (avf@newtech.dk.nospam) posted:


    How can I get the name (+type) of the current file the robot is running?

    Allan Forsmark


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    Re: Name of current file.

    User (Paul_Downes@providian.com.nospam) posted:

    The "SQAenv7x" library is for v7.x and below. The "Robot" library has
    similar functions which handle the later versions.

    Cheers . . . Paul
    MMcNaughton@STSSystems.com on 02/11/2002 06:32:57 AM

    Please respond to "SQA Suite Team Test Users"

    To: "SQA Suite Team Test Users" <sqa-suite-users@lyris.dundee.net>

    Subject: RE: Name of current file.

    SQAenv7x.ZIP on the Rational Users site has this function, it extracts from
    the registry the values below

    ************************************************** *************************
    '* SQAGetEnvironment Function
    '* Returns the value for the following elements of the SQA environment:
    '* TestStation name Current Procedure name
    '* Current SQA Project Current Procedure path/filename
    '* Current SQA User name Current SQA Repository
    '* Current SQA TestLog
    '* Windows directory System Temp directory
    '* Login ID Login Domain
    '* Current executable Executable PID
    '* Usage: sResultString = SQAGetEnvironment(SQA_CONSTANT)
    '* -----
    '* SQA_CONSTANT values, show below, are declared in "SQAenv_inc.sbh".
    '* Returns: Value for environment element
    '* Example: sScript = SQAGetEnvironment(SQA_SCRIPT)





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