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An ex colleague of mine who sadly got made redundant from here in nov
has just been made redundant again in her new job - so she is now
seeking employment - If any one knows of any QA vacancies in the UK
(She would consider going abroad - as sadly her partner was also made
redundant the day before her so she has no ties keeping her in the UK)
She worked with me for a year and is a very competent and thorough
tester. Her skills lie in Manual testing - but she has had contact to
Automated Testing (but only through a quick fire dominic training

If you have any vacancies can you send them to my home mail which is - as come 5pm GMT I have finished working
here so I won't get the mail.

Hopefully someone out there has something for her as being made
redundant twice in 4 months is a very harsh deal to some that does a
superb job.

thanks in advance
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