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Dear all
Iam a new user to rational test manager and have
problem in running a test case. I would be obliged if
you could reply to this mail asap.

Iam writing down the steps followed by me .

I had created a test plan and test case folder under
it and a test case under it.
I had given tst inputs from the requisite pro
I had taken manual test script from the test design.
Now when I run the test case It says “ unable to run
the suite monitoring services failed to intialize”

Please inform me how to solve this problem.

The same steps are followed by one of my colleague and
it is working there and is able to generate a report.

I also want to know whether can we take content of
test cases report into a document
The details in a test case should be like this
Test case id or name
Objective of the test case
Design of the test case
Acceptance criteria

Thank you

With regds

Sri vijay.

Note: Please send me a copy to the address as i will not get a reply
if u send this list